Portable barrier channelizer

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Portable barrier channelizer

Portable Barrier Channelizer (CHB01)
  • Product Model : 7M-CHB01
  • Product Length : 2 ft.
  • Product Width : 4 ft.

7M Channelizers are easy to handle, requires less transportation and are maintenance free. These channelizers are cost efficient and long lasting. Highly durable, unbreakable and are UV resistant. Moreover, barricade flashers, sign boards, and other accessories can be easily attached. It is made up of PP weighted at the base for maximum stability and integral holes for the plastic chain. Covered with reflective sheeting for high visibility. It solves the solutions for barricading, Que-managing, handling and displaying any message. It is very useful for road construction Diversion, median, central verge or to display warning messages.

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