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Rumble Strip

Rubber Rumbler Strip Speed Bump
  • Product Model : RB08
  • Product color : Yellow and Black
  • Product Length : 500mm
  • Product Width : 80mm
  • Product Height : 25mm
  • Product Load Capacity : 10tons

7M Speed Bumps are molded in Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). They are highly resistant to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions. Its glass transition temperature is approximately 105* C. Each block design has ribs at the top cut better grips with tiers. Its dovetail interlocking subunits make it bind perfectly into one bump. The pre-colored material and UV stabilizer keep them perpetually colorful. Studded with acrylic Orange Color reflector PC on both sides of the bump. They are clearly visible to the motorist during night hours.

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